Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Lesson Learned"

I do not feel like I am a stupid man but sometimes a little too trusting. I have learned my lesson about Facebook and Twitter due to some crazy people out there on the world wide web! Last week I posted a post on "my wife cooking homemade chicken pot pie". People started commenting on how good that sounds, and let me tell you it is GOOD! I go to work and look at Facebook a couple hours later and someone else commented on the post. The comment says "Wife???". I am floored. How do you handle a situation like that, especially when 50 percent of your church family reads your comments and post? The girl that wrote that lives in Denver Colorado which I have been one time, when I was ten years old. I have no clue how this girl found me or sent me a friend request. I generally handle my friend request a little differently than most folks I would imagine. When I receive a friend request text on my phone I text back "add". I never look at who it is or do any research on how they live. I have been warned about this by a good friend that I work with at the Church. Why am I so hard headed? Why do I not listen? This girl could have potentially caused a lot of issues for me in my personal life. So here's what I have learned

1. Never just add someone to your social networking sites without checking them out or knowing them first!
2. Always touch base with them, especially if you have not interacted with them for sometime.
3. Let them know who you are and how you live.

This was the advice that I received before all this happened. I am hard headed! My first reaction to this was me getting angry. My reply to her was "uh, yea hint, profile says married, the picture as my icon with her in it. Do I know you?". She never replied. I realized this was the wrong way to handle it soon after I posted this. She could have mistaken me for a friend with the same name for all I know. Thats why you check people out! Well when I got home the following morning I deleted my reply, her post and my original post. These are my new rules of wisdom for social networking for now on. Thanks "Bo"

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