Monday, November 3, 2008

Sundays service

Just figured I would blog about our weekend service, being that I am still pretty stoked about it. God is really working wonders at SCC. I am happy he’s allowing me to be apart of it all. This past weekend we had our youth band on the big stage. Those guys and girls really rocked the house. Its was truly a joyful time in the Lord. The weekend started for me on Saturday. Jimmy T. and I went to the church to finish up on some last minute details for the Sunday service. I always get nervous about Sundays. In the tech world they are a lot of what ifs? Not a place I like to be standing at 9am Sunday when the DVD doesn’t have sound or Propresenter isn’t working properly.Thank the Lord that hasn’t happened in a while. We were 2 people short of hitting that 700 mark! Its very encouraging to see how God is working in our Church. Our lights were incredible. Video was switched so smoothly and my hats off to the Propresenter folks, they nailed it! The message that Hub brought was incredible. He spoke on the parasites of life. Man there’s a lot of those! I will be posting the our service early week so check it out on

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